Most loved plants in Candide!

Published on February 12th 2020
A close up of a plant
Love is in the air and all around this week, so we decided to share a list of the Top 20 plants in Candide that have received the most views from our community, or in our terms, love. ;)
Some might be of surprise to you, others might give you a pain in the neck and a few are as old as the mountains, but still, all of them play a very important part in the adventure of gardening in South Africa.
A close up of a tree
Portulacaria afra | Spekboom


  • Spekboom | Probably the biggest trending plant in the world at the moment. You can't go wrong with adding one of these to your garden - it's water-wise, purifies the air and it's a very versatile plant that can withstand most conditions.
  • Swiss Cheese Plant | Large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves makes these guys quite attractive to almost all plant lovers.
  • String of Pearls | They are gorgeous, popular and trending, but my oh my are they hard to keep alive!
  • Donkey's Tail | Probably one of the most striking and easy to care for hanging plants there is.
A close up of a plant
Sedum morganianum | Donkey's Tail


  • Granadilla | If you have a trellis or piece of fence that you would like to cover, consider a granadilla with the added benefit of fruit!
  • Star Jasmine | A fast-growing creeper, always lush green and bears the most incredible scent.
  • Succulents | They are beautiful, waterwise and versatile!
A close up of a plant
Crassula spp.


  • Rose | Nothing beats the smell and sight of an old English rose!
  • Venus Flytrap | If you want to get your kids interested in plants - get them one of these!
  • Bromeliad | Ouch! They can hurt, but also have the most beautiful and unusual flowers.
  • Arum Lily | Such a relic! One can never go wrong with an Arum lily.
  • Cycad | You need a licence to grow these!
  • Lavender | The look, the smell, the variety. A winner through and through.
  • Begonia | Easy to grow, generally pest-free, long flowering time and low maintenance!
A close up of a flower
Begonia spp.


  • Phalaenopsis | Water, water and again water. It's either too little or too much, but generally too much causes the most issues.
  • Tomato | Early blight, spider mite, share your tips for getting it right! #TomatoHero
A small bird perched on a tree branch
Solanum lycopersicum | Tomato


  • Alfalfa | We'd love to know what the deal is with this one ;)

Growing any of the Most Loved Plants listed above? Share them with us by using the hashtag #CandideTop20

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