Trees for small spaces

Published on September 6th 2020
A close up of a tree
Space is one of the most important things to consider when planting a tree as this can either lead to a long and happy life for the tree or perhaps and early death warrant.
It is important to start with what you want out of the specific space in your garden where you plan to plant the tree. Would you like something more ornamental covered with beautiful blooms or rather something a bit more functional that will provide shade? Furthermore, it is very important to consider the area in which you reside and to take the environmental factors into consideration like wind or frost. At the end of the day, the most important thing when choosing a tree for a smaller space is to know as much about the attributes of the tree as possible. Height, spread, root system, deciduous or evergreen all play a factor in the decision. This is a short list to get you going with the decision of which tree to choose for your small garden.

Horsewood | Clausena anisata

A tree that might surprise you upon crushing its leaves! Small, neat and attractive little tree for a small space with the added benefit of attracting birds.
A close up of a green plant

Tree fuchsia | Halleria lucida

With its tubular flowers gushing with rich nectar, and it's fleshy edible berries, this indigenous evergreen tree is sure to attract wildlife to your garden. It is also one of the few trees that bears its flowers on the main trunk.
A bird perched on a tree branch

Ou hout | Leucosidea sericea

This small and dense evergreen tree has the most fascinating bark and serrated leaves. It is a fast-growing tree and can well withstand frost. If you are looking for an interesting focal point, this one's for you.
A close up of a plant

Bearss lime | Citrus aurantifolia

If you're a G&T fan, this one is for you! Lush green leaves throughout the year whilst keeping the bees happy and your G&T tasting zesty.
A close up of a plant

African dog rose | Xylotheca kraussiana

The most beautiful tree one can ever have with dark green leaves and spectacular white flowers with a heavenly scent.
A white flower with green leaves

Cork bush | Mundulea sericea

This small, semi-deciduous tree is covered in masses of purple flowers, come spring! It grows well in sandy soil or on rocky ridges and is an ideal tree for small garden wanting to attract more birds and insects.
A close up of a green plant

Browse the collection below for more tree-inspiration!

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