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Indoor Ferns

Published on June 24th 2020
A close up of a green plant
No indoor plant collection is complete without a fern. With their delicate fronds and exquisite textures, it is no surprise that these beautiful plants have remained popular houseplants throughout the centuries and still today are firm favourites in the urban jungle.
Generally, all indoor ferns enjoy the same care so if you're the proud owner of an indoor fern, here are a few simple care instructions:

Caring for indoor ferns

- Ferns enjoy a brightly lit position with no direct sunlight.
- Ensure your fern does not get any strong, cold draughts that might damage the sensitive fronds.
- Keep the humidity level high by misting the foliage every two to three days.
- Keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged.
- Ferns are sensitive to overfeeding so apply a monthly application of diluted liquid fertiliser once a month.
- Trim old, brown fronds to keep it looking healthy and fresh.
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A few favourite ferns

Button Fern | Pellaea rotundifolia

Button Fern

Pellaea rotundifolia

The Button Fern is one of those plants that will burrow itself into your heart and simply won't let go. Its deep green button-shaped fronds and calm presence make it a welcomed addition to every room.
A relatively fuss-free house plant that comes to you from the mountainous slopes of New Zealand, Rotundifolia will continue sprouting beautiful fronds all year round. A rewarding and essential house plant this!
Asparagus Fern | Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
The Asparagus Fern is an easy going, tolerant houseplant that enjoys moderate indirect light but is versatile and also adapts well to more shady environments. As an added bonus, this fluffy plant is native to South Africa and waterwise.
It is a dependable house plant which keeps creating new fronds throughout the year. It is easy-care and easy on the eyes.
Bird's Nest Fern | Asplenium antiquum
The Birds Nest Fern gets its name from fact that their centre (or rosetta) resembles a birds nest. These are one of the easiest house plants to keep, appreciating low to medium light conditions and generating new leaf growth throughout the year.
Birds Nest Ferns love high humidity environments, making this an on-trend house plant a favourite for bathrooms.
Kangaroo Fern Microsorum diversifolium
Guess where this super interesting plant comes from? Hint: The name gives it away. These hardy ferns are all the way from Australia (and some parts of New Zealand) and produce an array of dark green leathery fronds that are oddly shaped and vary in size and shape. They are also commonly called the Kangaroo Foot or Paw Fern.
The Kangaroo Fern is a rhizomatous plant, which means that the Fern will send out thick root-like stems from which more leaf shafts will grow creating an interesting mix of shapes and textures.
Black Rabbit's Foot Fern | Davallia trichomanoides
The Black Rabbit’s Foot Fern will catch your attention with their soft fuzzy rhizomes that represent the cute paws of a bunny wabbit. But claw you, they will not: These rhizomes are the ferns' way of spreading their growth across jungle floors and tree branches in their natural environment. Davallia trichomanoides makes a very attractive hanging basket plant, as the rhizomes creep over the edges and cascade, giving the plant an eye-catching quirkiness. Keep the rhizomes exposed as this is the plant's way of drawing nutrients and moisture out of the air.
Black Rabbit's Foot Ferns like to stay moist during the growing season of spring through summer and as winter approaches prefer to dry out between waterings. If kept in a cold room it may lose its fronds and go into dormancy, so keep this elegant beauty in warm conditions. Pair this fern with a dark coloured ceramic planter or hanging ceramic planter and be awed by its graceful decorum.
Staghorn Fern | Platycerium spp.
Read more about this beauty in the article below.

Are you growing indoor fern? Share your favourites and use the hashtag #IndoorFern

A close up of a green plant
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