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Published on August 11th 2019
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Here are some of our favourite tips recently posted by the community. To dig into this green-wisdom, tap on the posts to view the comments and advice.

Tip 1 | Sowing Clivias

Propagating clivias from seed? Find out what growing medium clivia enthusiast, @Erich, uses to plant his. Also, take a look at the image and try to find the small dark spot on the seed, referred to as the 'eye'. Did you notice they are all facing upwards?

Tip 2 | Multiply your Monstera

@ckincpt shares her tips on propagating a Delicious monster from a cutting. Tap on the post below to view her advice in the comment section.

Tip 3 | Cover your crops

@Going.Local shares her tips on protecting your food crops from feasting birds.

Tip 4 | Start a wormery! gives us a full introduction to worm-farming.

Tip 5 | Caring for Cyclamen

Cyclamens are wonderful indoor plants for delightful winter colour. Tap this post for @kallipais's caring tips.

If you have any tips to share with the community, select the "Tips" option when posting.

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