Make a Wild Bird Feeder

Published on October 3rd 2018
It's getting to the time of year where food is scarce for wildlife. Not only will you be helping birds with this children's craft, but it is also a lot of fun!

You'll need

  • Pine cones
  • Wool/sting (natural fibres are best)
  • Birdseed, in a bowl
  • Lard in a bowl, melted in microwave (use coconut oil as a vegan alternative)


  1. Tie the string to the top of your pine cone.
  2. Making sure the lard isn't too hot, so it's only just liquid.
  3. Holding the string, dip the pine cone in (this is where it gets messy!).
  4. Make sure all the crevices of the pine cone are full of lard.
  5. Roll the cone in birdseed so it all sticks in.
  6. Hang your bird feeder outside and watch the birds flock in!
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