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Published on December 29th 2019
A close up of a flower
Meet Gardener of the week, Gundula Deutschlander - artist and plantswoman with a wonderful talent for telling stories and sharing her passion for herbs and vegetables.
A pink flower with green leaves
Harvesting kohlrabi at work.
Gundula has been the master gardener at the historic Babylonstoren farm in the Western Cape since the garden's inception. She studied Fine Arts but her love for nature and landscaping lured her back to the garden.

"In creating a garden, I am composing a lively canvas where I am comfortable to play with colour form, space, time - both historic and in the future."

A vase of flowers on a table
A gorgeous floral creation made by Gundula for a happy bride.
Some of her favourite plants include the resilient Wild Olive tree, the miracle herb Tulsi, and the tree aloe she planted on her 21st birthday which flowered for the first time 21 years later.
Gundula is also the guardian of the Healing Garden at Babylostoren and inspires all to look with new eyes at familiar herbs and provides some guidelines for approaching unfamiliar herbs.
A hand holding a piece of grass
'With the marigold petals newly dried, I made marvelous mending ointment.'
Gundula's home garden is situated in natural rockery between enormous granite boulders anchored by ancient wild olives. It is the first tentative attempt in a wild environment, with much to learn from the surrounding veld. She grows indigenous and Mediterranean plants and has a small vegetable patch and herbs dotted all over.
Follow Gundula's gardening journey to discover the magic of herbs, the beauty of indigenous wildflowers, and for expert tips and advice.
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