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Published on November 1st 2019
Venus fly traps
Here are some of our favourite tips recently posted by the community. To dig into this green-wisdom, tap on the posts to view the comments and advice.

Tip 1 | Orchids looking sad?

@gardenerliz shares some great tips on reviving indoor orchids. Tap the post below to dig in!

Tip 2 | Caring for carnivores

If you're interested in carnivorous plants, give Carnivore-guru, @dayle_mcloughlin a follow! In this post, he shares a few secrets on caring for the Venus Fly Trap, as well as a few pests to look out for.

Tip 3 | A spiny situation

If there's a task that's tougher than weeding, it's repotting a cactus. Not to worry though, @Going.Local has some sharp suggestions on repotting them, pain-free.
A vase of flowers on a table
Image @LaTessa

Tip 4 | Deter snails, naturally

Besides encouraging natural predators in your garden to control snails and slugs, here are a few more tips on controlling these ferocious slimy critters in your garden. Tap the post below and scroll through the comment section.

Tip 5 | Caring for a peace lily

Peace lilies are one of the most common houseplants. Dig into the comment sections of the posts below for some excellent pointers on growing peace lilies indoors.
Peace lily plant profile:
A close up of a flower

If you have any tips to share with the community, select the "Tips" option when posting.

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