Make Leaf Confetti

Published on October 27th 2018
Thank you to Candide user Jayber for sharing this fun autumn craft...
The textures and colours in nature are endless, which your little ones may have noticed if they've been out and about collecting leaves!
Here's an activity for when you get back home, great for a rainy day. It works best if the leaves are dry so leave them in a warm try place first if they're wet.
  1. Collect your leaves - any shape or colour, this works with green leaves too.
2 . Find your hole punch or buy a fun craft hole punch.
3 . Punch around the leaves, you can make patterns on the leaves as you go.
4 . Collect the pieces to play with, you can pile them into shapes or stick them on cards. The holey leaves look good on cards too.

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Remember to make sure you know what you're picking as some plants can be an irritant.
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