Nature-inspired festive decor

Published on December 23rd 2020
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There is nothing quite like the joy one experiences from your own creations. Why not use nature, the outdoors and your garden for some inspiration for your festive table this year? One often overlooks the most basic of elements, that has the possibility to involve multiple senses from smell to touch and even taste. Have a look below for a few of our favourite festive ideas!
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Serviette decor

A serviette ring can often give a very ‘old school’ feeling to a table, but have you ever considered making a living one? Sage, rosemary, thyme, Helichrysum or even just lavender can make the most amazing serviette rings and in turn provide your table with a delightful aroma.
A vase of flowers on a plant
If you prefer a flat folded serviette, why not tie the same types of plants into a neat little bunch with twine? Add them on top of the serviette, and voila!


Nothing speaks of Christmas and festivities quite like a simple wreath. Add smaller ones around candle decor, serviettes or even cutlery.
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Bigger wreaths can be laid flat on your table, perhaps under a nice serving plate or even be hung above the table. Make use of soft and pliable garden material that can twist and turn into a round shape. Decorate with a nice big red velvet ribbon or your favourite set of Christmas lights.

Christmas tree

Many small trees or even shrubs can make the best potted and living Christmas tree. Think spekboom, juniper and cedar.
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Plant them a beautiful pot or if they are already planted in a plastic pot, wrap it in paper and tie it up with a ribbon!


Have you ever tried to make your own crackers? They are quite easy to make and in turn, you also upcycle a few items in your home.
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Head out into the garden and forage for beautiful grass heads, flower stalks or even just a rosemary twig to tie around the sides.

Herb bunches

Oh, how we love herbs! One of the most versatile items in your garden with so many uses and a bonus, generally very easy to grow, anywhere. Harvest bunches of rosemary, basil, sage, lemon balm or thyme and tie them up with twine or raffia. Lie them flat on the table. They will fill a space and in turn light up the senses with the most amazing smell.
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