Colour Hunt in the Garden

Published on September 26th 2018

Finding colours in the Garden

Sometimes the best fun is just sitting and wondering at all the beauty around us. It can be grounding to kick back and take it in at a slower pace.
Even the most energetic of little ones can slow down with this game and it will last for as long as you can think of different colours.

The game starts with "find me something the colour green."

Easy, right? Ok, now try white, pink, brown. Then get more imaginative.
This activity works well if you bring a treasure box with you, a jar will do, to collect all the colours. Later, you can do something with them, like a wild collage, or decorate a fairy house.

You can make the game more difficult by using paint swatches.

For older children, pick up some colour swatches from the paint section of your DIY shop. Different shades of green and brown work well, but get creative!
Armed with a pack of swatches, challenge your children to find at least one shade of colour from each swatch - you'll be amazed at the colours you find. Purple hues in feathers, grey tones in lichen.
Don't forget to take your treasures home to make a collage, or even better draw them out and match the colours with pencils or paint!

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