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Published on June 8th 2020
A close up of a flower pot
Growing plants in containers are becoming an increasing trend as gardening shifts a few stories higher to apartment balconies and rooftops. Container gardening is so versatile and offers the apartment on the 4th floor an opportunity to bring more green life into a living space and adds structure and interest to the classic country garden.
Containers make for beautiful focal points and you can even grow anything from a fruit tree to a climbing plant in pots. Here are some ways in which you can grow your favourite plants in containers, with some inspiration from our community!

Vegetables and herbs

No space? No problem! You don’t need a traditional garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs.
Here’s a little inspiration by fellow gardeners who grow from pot to plate.
Check out the post below by @ThatQuailChick to see how Jessica harvested handfuls of ginger grown in containers.
If you want to start your own vegetables and herb container garden tap the article below for tips and advice.


There is nothing more perfect to light up the winter greys than containers full of blooming bulbs indoors and outside. Some bulbs are more suitable for pots including Hyacinths, Muscari, Daffodils, tuberous Begonias and Tulips, and our beautiful indigenous Lachenalia, Haemanthus, Sparaxis and Babiana.
A bowl of fruit on a plate
Want to try your green thumb at growing bulbs in containers? Dig into the how-to guide below to see how it’s done!
A pot with food in it

Colourful combinations

Growing plants of different flower or leaf colour can brighten up a dull corner or add interest to a monotonous spot.
See below some vibrant and showy combinations by fellow gardeners:
For colourful-container inspiration have a look at the article below.

Sweet peas

Growing sweet peas is not limited to large gardens only and can be enjoyed in small courtyards and sunny balconies. All it requires is a container, support structures, lots of bone meal and a sunny spot. Learn all about growing sweet peas in our Sweet Pea series below.
A close up of a flower

Fruit trees

If your garden soil is not ideal for growing fruit trees or you have no garden to begin with - growing fruit trees in large containers is the perfect solution. There are numerous dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties available suitable for growing in pots.
Fruit trees perfect for containers include kumquats, lemons, limes, figs, apples and pomegranates.
A close up of a flower pot
Here are a few gardeners who successfully grow fruit trees in pots:

Suited for succulents

If you have a very sunny and warm balcony or patio, or want to save water but still want lush looking plants - succulents are your best bet!
Succulents are water-wise, can tolerate a range of conditions and are so easy to propagate and multiply. Grow succulents from leaf cuttings to quickly fill your pots - tap the how-to guide below to learn how!
A close up of a coffee cup
Check out these posts below and be inspired by the diversity of leaf shapes, sizes and colours to choose from!


There really is nothing like a green space that engages all of the senses, including smell. We’ve all stopped dead in our tracks after smelling the sweet fragrance of jasmine blowing in through a window. Just imagine the calming aroma of lavender or the fresh fragrance of Murraya blossoms greeting you at your front door.
Here are a few fragrant plants that are perfect for containers:
Roses also make for wonderful fragrant container plants. See the article by @ludwigsroses below to learn how to grow roses in containers.


Believe it or not, you don’t need a pond to grow a wetland garden! Read the article below to learn how to grow your own edible wetland plants in containers.


What is a home without a few indoor plants? Growing plants indoors has so many benefits including improvement of mood and productivity, air purification and a closer connection with nature.
One of the secrets to successfully growing indoor plants include selecting the right pot size. @Plantify dishes all the dirt on selecting the right pot for your houseplant.
Also, if you’re not growing indoor plants yet, these indoor plant gurus will soon have you cueing for your first.
A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

Whatever your potted preference we want to see your container garden so share a post using the hashtag #ContainerGarden

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