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Garden Inspired Drinks

Published on October 7th 2020
A close up of a glass vase
Garden Day is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a delectable garden-inspired drink in your own green space.
A glass of orange juice on a wooden table
Gooseberries, lemon shavings and a cinnamon stick
What is more satisfying than stepping out in your garden and harvesting your own fruit, vegetables or herbs? Whether it be on a windowsill, in a pot on a balcony garden or in a large open spaced garden.
A person holding a plant in a garden
If you've not done it before, why not try a few different ways of adding flavour to your drinks this Garden Day by getting some inspiration from your garden?
Whether you decide to make an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, the options are endless. Make a base drink like a gin and tonic or a glass of bubbles and then simply add some flavour or garnish to it.
If you are out of ideas, try this recipe !
A piece of fruit

Edible flowers

The options are endless when it comes to edible flowers and the bonus is that we are currently in Spring, which means many flowers available all around us.
Have a look at this article written by @Babylonstoren on edible flowers for some inspiration.
A bottle of wine on a table
Lemon, lime and basil


Possibly the group of plants that you will find in any gardeners vicinity - herbs. They are by far the most versatile, rewarding and easiest plants to have.
Rosemary, thyme, basil and lemongrass and true partners in crime to most drinks!
A close up of some purple leaved Ocimum basilicum var. purpurascens Red Basil

Herbs & spices

A close up of a necklace


Spring brings with it berries, an endless supply of delectable berries and they are absolutely delicious in drinks.
Blueberries are now in season and there is no better time to buy them for your upcoming Garden Day celebration.
Citrus on the other hand is readily available and makes any drink fresh and zesty for that perfect summers day.

Share your garden-inspired drinks with us and remember to use the hashtag #GardenDaySA!

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