Succulent Shopping: Where to Buy?

Published on July 9th 2019
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South Africa harbours a whopping 3873 succulent/semi-succulent species from trailing Ceropegia to the ever-popular elephant’s foot (Dioscorea elephantipes). It does not matter if you are a local hobbyist, who has just started to figure out what those long Latin names mean, or you are a seasoned veteran with a lush collection. The thought on everyone's mind is where do I buy my next plant?
The following sections are tailored for the individual gardener from first timers to the experienced, so you can scroll through and find your hotspot.
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Newbie Alert! Where do I start?

If you are reading this then you have probably received a succulent as a present. You love your new succulent and want more, please!
Starke Ayres | Wide variety of local Aloe
Stodels | Stock uncommon succulents from Weltevrede nursery
Garden Centre | Good selection of large Aloe and cacti
Benbels | Small collection and Cacti corner
Click a plant | Order the same economy packs online

Online Ordering: With the click of a button

Austral winter (June-August) is the ideal time to order your succulents that go into dormancy. If you are in South Africa and want the ease of online card purchases, then you can choose between:
KAMBROO | Wide selection and auction items
  • (Crassula, Gasteria, Haworthiaetc.)
Rooiklip Nursery | Always rotating, and at market value
  • (Caudiciform, Euphorbia, Haworthia, Mesembs etc.)
House of Succulents | Season and supply dependent. Wedding favours.
  • (Crassula, Dioscorea, Duvalia, Huernia etc.)
If your willing to read through plant lists and order via email, then this list can be extended to include:
SHEILAM Nursery | Selection of over 2000 species
  • (Asclepiads, Euphorbias, Haworthia, Tylecodon etc.)
Flora Africa| Provider to the SA Chelsea Floral exhibit.
  • (Adeniums & Euphorbia)

Seed ordering: For the Adventurous or Advanced

If you are a seasoned veteran, you might want to try your hand at cultivation by ordering seeds. Don't know where to start with seeds? Ask a fellow enthusiast on the app or join the Succulent Society of Southern Africa. The best way to learn is from experienced horticulturists or long-term hobbyists.
· Lifestyle Seeds
· Seeds for Africa
· Haworthia | Collector selling internationally out of Mpumalanga.
· SHEILAM Nursery

Nurseries that often camouflage

These will be the nurseries you stumble upon due to a Facebook page or a Google maps tag but are well worth the visit. Instead of telling you what each nursery has it would be best to follow them on Facebook so you can get the up to date information on what they have in stock. Good examples are:
· Fiore Garden Centre (Somerset West)
· Mountain Streams Nursery (Gordon's Bay)
· Old Kaya Padstal en Kwekery (Wellington)
· Adenium Growers SA (Pretoria)
· Mountainview Cactus and Succulent Nursery (Hoekwil)
· Kannabos gallery - Cacti and Succulent Nursery (Uniondale)
· Bokmakierie Wholesale Nursery (Velddrif)
· Kokerboom Nursery (Vanrhynsdorp)
A close up of a flower
Haworthia cooperi var leightonii, Euphorbia horrida and Aloe humilis.

Last but not least: Plant fairs & Markets

Plant fairs are few and far between, but well worth the effort of travelling. South Africa hosts several succulent events each year:
· The Aloe Festival (Creighton)
· Rare Plant Festival (Tokara)
· Succulent Festival (Calitzdorp)
· Eksklusiewe Vetplant Fees (Pretoria)
· Kirstenbosch Plant Fair (Cape Town)
The smaller stalls/markets always have the odd collection and would complete a lovely weekend getaway.
· Stanford Saturday market
· Pringle Bay Saturday market
· Sedgefield Saturday market
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Cheridopsis, Euphorbia, and Aloinopsis purchased at fairs and markets listed above.
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