Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!

Published on January 10th 2020
A close up of a flower
Yep, that’s right, houseplants are so amazing they have their own holiday. Every year on the 10th of January we celebrate the joys and benefits of tending to indoor plants and encourage others to grow houseplants of their very own. This is also the perfect time to give your houseplants a little extra tender-loving-care after the holidays!
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Houseplants make for wonderful roommates - they improve air quality by purifying the air and removing toxins from the environment, they reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being, and help keep us connected to the natural world.
So, to pay homage to their awesomeness, below are a few ways in which you can appreciate your houseplants today.

How to celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

1 | Add to your collection or invest in your first houseplant. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a special hoya for a while, or maybe you’ve been considering the idea of a low-maintenance succulent for your desk, today is the day to make the move!
2 | Get on a first-name basis. Identify your plant and learn more about its needs and what it likes and dislikes.
Tip | Not sure how to identify your green leafy friend? Give Plant ID in the Knowledge tab a go or post an image of your houseplant to our friendly and knowledgable community to identify.
3 | Treat them to a new pot and fresh soil. It’s a great excuse to get your hands dirty!
4 | Give them an all-round boost! Pamper your houseplants with a good soak or a shower, some plant food, a bit of airing, leaf-shine, and perhaps a little chat.
5 | Gift houseplants to friends, family, colleagues or neighbours. What’s better than receiving a houseplant? Giving one away!
6 | Multiply! Take cuttings, divide, or remove little plantlets from the parent plant to grow or gift.
7 | Host a plant swap or join a local plant swap to grow your collections and meet other indoor plant enthusiasts.
8 | Get the kids involved. Allow your children to choose and take care of their own houseplant.
A vase with a flower on a plant

Share your houseplant pictures on Candide using the hashtag #HouseplantAppreciationDay

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