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Top tips for Garden Day Picnics

Published on October 14th 2021
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Getting the garden ready for Garden Day can be as quick and easy or as extravagant as you want it to be. In the hustle and bustle of the week, we often need a reminder of the quick and easy things we can do to makes the festivities flawless and hassle-free.
Here are some tips to start your garden weekend early.

Oh! What about the lawn!

Well, needless to say, many of us struggle to get the perfect lawn. If you fertilised and watered it along with the Candide Calendar, it should be lushes and green (if not, stay tuned for a tip). That leaves just a few key things to remember.
Tips for a good lawn:
  • No mowing the lawn in the days leading up to Garden Day. A freshly mowed lawn will stain your blankets and cushions.
  • Remember to change the sprinkler/watering schedule to avoid a wet lawn on your picnic day.
Tips for a troublesome lawn:
  • Create a work of art with paving stones and annuals in bare spots (I.e. under trees) where the grass struggles to grow.
  • Opt for a seating area to give your lawn some time to recover.
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A pop of colour

Nothing brightens a day more than the fragrant smell of flowering annuals. If you lack cut flowers, why not pop into your local garden centre and make an arrangement of annuals. Better yet, keep them as is and slip them into a cover pot as table decor. It gives you a bit of breathing room to plant them out come next week.
For tips on flower boxes see:
flower box

Summer Flower Boxes


A close up of a bunch of pink flowers

Harvest Time!

Now is the time to dip out into the garden and collect some goodies. Pick some mint, violas, lemons or ripe strawberries and blueberries. You can pop them into the fridge for colourful ice cubes, quick and easy flower candy or delectable biscuits.
Here are some guides to help you:
If you have a bit of extra time, think of making your own floral tea or ginger beer for the occasion. The latter takes 3 days and should be just on time. Doing a little bit each day will help you tidy up the garden as you go.
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Dining on a Budget

If you prefer dining at a table but lack a 10-foot table, consider a rustic farmhouse picnic. A few pallets can substitute for a table and create a wonderful Moroccan feel. A pallet will set you back as little as R45 and can be recycled into planter boxes post picnic.

Fun for the kids

When raking up the leaves, keep a few on hand for the kids. Leaf art is a great way to keep the young ones entertained as you enjoy the day with friends. Throw in some dried up flower heads, twigs and pine needles, and you will have a floral masterpiece to add to the wall art.
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Share your garden day endeavours with us and tag @gardendaysa #CandideZA and #GardenDaySA!

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