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Published on May 22nd 2020
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If you are keen to learn more about bees, bee-friendly plants or just curious to know more about these all-important pollinators, follow these bee enthusiasts on Candide!

Arne Stander

Follow entomologist @arnestander as he shares interesting facts about not only honeybees but also solitary bee species of South Africa.
Here are some interesting bee-posts by Arné:


If you want to see some immaculate photography of bees you definitely want to follow @JohSon.
A bird with a fork and knife
Bee on Peglarae flower. Photo by @JohSon.

The Beekeeper Cape Town

The Beekeeper Cape Town is a Daff Registered Lady Beekeeper. Follow @thebeekeepercpt to learn fascinating facts about the secret life of bees, or contact her for safe removals and relocation of honey bees.
Check out her business profile for more details:
Interesting posts by @thebeekeepercpt:

Bee Smiths

Bradley and Tayla are passionate about bee conservation & backyard beekeeping in Cape Town.
Bradley Seaton-Smith runs Cape Town Bee Removals and has some serious bee-experience up his sleeve. Follow @capetownbeeremovals on Candide for the safe removal of troublesome hives.
A close up of a flower
Photo @BeeSmiths
Check out his business profile for more details:


Phillip is a hobbyist beekeeper and absolutely digs bees. He is a registered beekeeper (WC571) with DAFF SA Government. As a gardener, Phillip enjoys growing from seeds and cuttings, and tries to plant bee-friendly plants and flowers for these incredible pollinators to thrive.

Liesl van der Walt

Babylonstoren head gardener, Liesl van der Walt, has a keen interest in bees and often shares on bee-friendly plants and other tips on cultivating a bee-friendly garden.
Here are some of our favourite bee-posts by @lieslvanderwalt:
A close up of a plant
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