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Festive wreath inspiration!

Published on December 1st 2019
A vase with flowers in front of a window
We are nearly at the end of the year and everyone is probably running in all directions to finish things up, but this should not keep you from making a beautiful wreath for your door! It is actually very simple, just gather the right material and seasonal forage from your garden accompanied by a large dose of holiday spirit and you are good to go!
A plant in a garden
A wreath is generally associated with the festive season, but they can make a beautiful decor statement in your house all year round! However, as some would agree, the 1st of December is usually the date to put up any festive decor, we thought it would be a good idea to share a bit of wreath inspiration.
A clock on the side of a building
You will need a bit of twine, rope or wire to work with. Of course, secateurs or a pair of scissors will come in handy. The fun part is the foraging in your garden or neighbourhood. It is important to first decide on a theme or type of wreath that you would like to make ie. a dry wreath or perhaps a wreath out of greenery. This will then determine what you will need to forage. Have a look below for some inspiration:
A hand holding a yellow bench sitting on top of a wooden fence

Dry material wreath

Our eyes are mostly focused on the living things, that we tend to overlook the dead and dry material in our gardens. However, sometimes, this is where the gold lies - especially if you would like to get a bit creative.
Think dry poppy heads, scabiosa pods, dried slangbos, dodder, grass seeds or even just any interesting dry twigs. Together they can make a true artwork of a wreath!
A hand holding a green wooden bench

Greenery wreath

Whether you are using only one type of material or a combination, there is ample space to be creative with a wreath made out of greenery as our gardens are generally full of it!
A close up of a green plant
If you are keen on doing a very simple wreath, try working with something like wild rosemary, helichrysum or even origanum flower stalks. In a mass, they look incredible and also smell divine!
A close up of a person

Grass inspired wreath

Grass is truly everywhere around us, whether indigenous or invasive and some of them produce the most incredible and interesting seed heads. An added bonus is their long stems which works really well to twist and turn into a nice, round wreath!
A close up of a plant
Next time you do a bit of trimming and cutting in your garden, why not salvage the offcuts and make a beautiful wreath our of it.

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