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Create a Flower Crown for Garden Day!

Published on October 8th 2021
Flower crown
There is nothing quite like a festive celebration with family and friends on Garden Day, gathered around the feast table, picnicking in the nearest park, or Zoom-ing family and friends from afar. Whatever your festive celebration looks like this season, do enjoy it adorned with a festive flower crown!
A close up of a flower
Creating your own flower crown is a wonderful activity to enjoy together. Set up a flower crown making station and use whatever you have available in your garden. You can even ask your guests to bring some of their favourite flowers and foliage to decorate their crowns.
A vase of flowers on a table
If you have friends and family who are not able to join your celebration, ask them to create their own flowers crowns and send pictures. Doing a fun project like this in which everyone and anyone can take part in right where they foster togetherness and connects loved ones who are far away.
Making a flower crown is incredibly easy and you don’t need many tools... or skill!
How to create a festive flower crown

Step 1 | Gather your gear

You don’t need too many tools to create a flower crown. Use whatever you have available in your home. Here are a few things you might need.
  • Thin wire, like bullion or florists wire. This will come in handy to secure flowers and bits to your flower crown base.
  • Scissors or secateurs
A vase of flowers on a table

Step 2 | Harvest botanical bits

Use inspiration from whatever is in season foliage and flowers that are in season. Red, green, white and gold are great colours for this season, but the colour scheme is really up to your personal preference.
  • Base: In order to make a proper flower crown, you will need to have a strong, yet pliable structure or base. A few plants that work well for creating a base include long rosemary or wild rosemary branches, pepper tree and willow tree branches. Ivy, wild grape or penny gum will also do the trick.
Tip | Make sure you harvest a long piece that is nice and soft so that it can be intertwined and braided.
A person standing in the grass
  • Decorative: This is where you can get creative! Walk into your garden and pick almost anything your eye fancies. If you are looking to make a rather thick and full crown - plan on harvesting material that is pliable so that you can work it around your base. If you plan to have a single focus point - working in odd number always works well.
Tip | Don’t skip over dried leaves, foliage, flowers and seedpods. These elements add beauty and texture to your creation.
A vase of flowers on a table

Step 3 | Create the base

First things first - start by measuring your head so that you can get an average size for your base. Take your long piece of 'base material' and bend it according to your measured size so that the long piece overlaps. Take the overlapping ends and weave them in opposite directions into the rounded base. Take a piece of wire, twine etc. to secure the base in three sections. Different types of foliage respond differently so play around with your preferred foliage and see what works best to create a circle.
A hand holding a plant in a garden

Step 4 | Decide on a look and feel

A flower crown can be big, bold, and flamboyant OR it can be minimalistic and subtle. Whatever you fancy! You can decide beforehand if you want a crown that is equally full all-around or a crown that has one focal point. Or, you can get started and see what it evolves into!
A close up of a flower

Step 5 | Add your first layer

It’s time to get creative! Start by adding your first layer of fillers. Intertwine the stems into your base to ensure that they are secure and won’t fall out. You can also consider using the twine or ribbon here for the same functionality but with an added design element.

Step 6 | Add the final layer

At this point, you should have all your very 'special' flowers or fillers left which you would like to stand out in the final crown. Add them in and ensure that they are nicely tied up.
A person holding a plant in a garden

Step 7 | Show off your floral creation!

Now that you are done remember that it is always best to wear your crown straight away.
Tip | Put your crown in the fridge to keep it cool and fresh for the perfect time to put it on!
A plant in a garden

Share your flower crown creation using the hashtag #FlowerCrown and #GardenDaySA