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Here's how to celebrate Heritage Day in your garden!

Published on September 24th 2021
There is no better place to celebrate Heritage Day aka Braai Day than in the garden. Using materials, pickings and inspiration from your garden and greenery you can decorate, garnish, flavour and start a fire!
Here are a few tips to making the most of Braai Day in your garden:

Tip 1 | Use pine needles as firestarters

Pine needles contain flammable resins, making it the perfect natural firestarter; it also imparts a piney, citrusy flavour to the braai meat. Hmm, delicious.
A piece of bread on a cutting board

Tip 2 | Create aromatic serviette rings

Harvest a few long, pliable stems from your favourite herbs to create fragrant rings for napkins. Sage, rosemary, thyme, Helichrysum and lavender makes for delightful decor.
A close up of a gin sitting on top of a wooden table

Tip 3 | Put a botanical spin on your gin

Harvest herbs, edible flowers, fruit and spices from your garden to decorate your favourite gin cocktail. Add Elderflowers, fennel flowers, a sprig of rosemary, thyme or mint, to give an instant home-made feel.
A close up of a bowl of food

Tip 4 | Make a floral frozen ice cream bowl

Forage for fresh fruit and florals in the garden to create a frozen ice bowl, perfect for keeping popsicles and ice cream cool in the balmy South African sun.
A white plate topped with violets and pansies

Tip 5 | Edible flowers

Forage for edible flowers in the garden to sprinkle on a salad, incorporate into cordials and cocktails, freeze in ice cubes or candy for cupcakes.
Not sure which flowers are edible? Tap the article below to find out.
A white plate topped with a purple flower

Edible Flowers


A close up of a plant

Tip 6 | Harvest herbs!

There's no better time than now to be harvesting fresh herbs form your garden to flavour your braai meat and other dishes. Dip into the article below to find to herb-tastic combinations.
A bird sitting on a grill

Tip 7 | Repurpose wood ash

When the party is over, don't forget to save the wood ash from the braai to mix into the compost heap to enrich the soil with potassium and lime.

Lekker braai South Africa!

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