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Planning your holiday watering

Published on August 17th 2018
Gardeners holidays are a little harder to plan as it's not just passports and packing bags that need to be considered.
Here are a few tips to help your plants survive your time away so that when you return your plants are still looking beautiful.
Friends, neighbours and fellow gardeners can be called in to help but if this isn't possible then you may what to consider garden gadgets.

Automatic watering systems

The recent advances that have been made are great. They can be as simple as a battery operated times that fit directly to your tap to a much more advanced mains operated version. The mains versions do need to be installed by a qualified electrician.
In having an automatic system set up, you do need to get the water from the tap to the plants; seep hose, sprinklers, drippers and even mister systems can be used in the garden, greenhouses and poly-tunnels so long as you have an outdoor mains water tap. There is also a clever gadget that you can buy called a rain sensor which senses if there is rain and changes the pre-set system so that it does not water. How clever is that?!

What else can you do?

If you have someone willing to water for you, make it easy for them. You might be willing to slowly water every night admiring your displays but your friends might want to do the job and get back to their own gardens.
  • Group pots and containers together in the shade.
  • Give your plants a thorough watering before you go away.
  • Put nice big saucers under plants that are prone to drying out quickly.
  • Add water retaining gels to the compost mix when you start planting.
  • Mulch plants and borders to prevent them drying out too quickly.


If they are precious why not let them have a holiday too. Take them to a friend so that they can look after them.
Or place them in a large saucer with pebbles and water out of direct sunlight they should be fine for a week at home alone. The pebbles prevent the plants from becoming too wet and rotting off.
If you are travelling for longer then it might be worth considering growing succulents as they are not so demanding.
Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas to help you plan your watering while you are away. If you have any other hints and tips do let us know.

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