Bee-friendly plants

Published on May 4th 2020
A close up of a purple flower
Bees are a vital part of the global ecosystem and it is our job as gardeners to provide a safe haven for them in our gardens.
A close up of a coral
Artichoke flower
Water, pollen, and nectar - consistently. If you can create a garden that will provide these vital resources for a bee, you have yourself a bee-friendly garden.
A close up of a flower
Here are a few tips to help you create a bee-friendly garden:
  • Plan to have flowerings plants all year round
  • Be diverse in colour, shape, and size of your flowers
  • Plant fruit trees, especially citrus
  • Allow some of your vegetables and herbs to flower
  • Provide a water source in your garden, ensuring that there is a rock or stones in it for the bees to sit on
  • Be diverse in the types of plants you select
  • Avoid pesticides and chemicals
  • Plant herbs!
  • Relax the weeding and allow weeds to flower but NOT to shoot seed
  • Build a bee house
A close up of a flower
Hypoestes aristata
Find bee-friendly plants by the click of a button in our KNOWLEDGE tab:


A close up of a flower


A close up of a flower
Bulbine frutescens


A close up of a flower


A close up of a flower
Perennial basil


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