Bee-friendly plants

Published on May 14th 2019
A close up of a flower
Bees are a vital part of the global ecosystem, and as important to our lives as water, soil and oxygen. Bees are one of the most important components of food security as 70 types of fruit and vegetable crops rely on honeybees for pollination.
Bees are also vital to our gardens. They pollinate your crops and flowers and bring your beds and borders to life with their buzzing around with endless energy.
Globally, bees are under a lot of pressure as they are being threatened by pests, diseases, pollution and shrinking food sources. Bee researcher, Mike Allsop, states that our bees are over-worked and the stress is having a clear effect.

So what can we do to help #savethebee?

Think of bees when planting your garden!
Bees need four things from their environment: water, pollen, nectar and propolis, and they will travel up to three kilometres to look for these things. By planting a bee friendly garden, we can do our bit to help provide them with an abundance of these vital resources.

Bee-friendly plants:

Bedding plants




Don’t be afraid to let wildflowers and weeds flourish - they provide viable sustenance to the bees.


Spot any bees on flowers in your garden? Share your sightings and encourage the community to #savethebee by posting it to the Feed.

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