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Featured Business | Jozi Carnivores

Published on March 8th 2020
A close up of a flower
Jozi Carnivores has come from humble beginnings. Self-taught carnivorous fan Renee went from having her daughter's pet plant on a sunny window to cultivating hundreds of plants in massive sun tunnels in just a few years.
A close up of a green plant
The business operates at several markets and trade fairs throughout the year and has also stepped into the 21st Century with an online shop. At Jozi Carnivores you can buy a variety of weird and wonderful carnivorous plants. Here are a few you can expect to find:

Carnivorous Sundew

Drosera spp.

Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes spp.

Venus flytrap

Dionaea spp.

A close up of a green Venus Flytrap Dionaea muscipula

Venus Flytrap

Dionaea muscipula

If you're a bit confused as to how to look after your new carnivorous friend, then don't worry, Jozi Carnivores also has impeccably detailed care guides available on their website. And if you're battling in locating the right soil or water for your plants, they've got you covered too - you can find great sphagnum peat and silica sand mix on-site or reverse osmosis water.
A close up of a flower
Back in the day, when you heard the word 'carnivorous plant' the only image that generally came to mind was the usual little venus fly trap. Businesses like Jozi Carnivores are changing that narrative and are introducing a whole range of carnivorous plants and knowledge to the general public. The business is actually keenly focussed on conservation and education. They have developed a school programme that teaches children about evolution, conservation, organic gardening and rainwater harvesting.
A close up of a flower

For more information check out Jozi Carnivores' profile below: