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Published on March 23rd 2020
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To our dearest community,
Together, we find ourselves in such a surreal time, each affected in our own unique way. No matter which way we look, read or swipe, we are faced with the hard reality all around. A world where so many things came to a complete standstill. Where to now, or perhaps even more relevant - how?
Whether working from home (possibly with screaming kids running around in the background), or being the single soul still around in the office, we at Candide find ourselves in a very fortunate position where we can continue with work, and even more, WE WANT TO HELP! As some of you might have seen or heard, the gardening industry, especially in the northern hemisphere, where they are heading into spring/summer, is not at its best at the moment, to say the least. Individuals, big and small businesses, gardens and nature reserves are all affected in so many ways:
  • Reduced footfall
  • Cancelled or postponed events
  • No more Garden Club get-togethers!
  • Regular online buyers, unsure of their health and safety
  • Closed gardens or nature reserves
  • How to continue gardening without supplies?
If there is one thing we know, it's that we have such a strong and positive community in Candide in South Africa. The friendliness, care, willingness to share, help or just say hello, this is what we want to build on so that we help each other through these uncertain times. We currently have 480 businesses and nurseries in Candide (and still adding), not even mentioning the individuals.

How can Candide, and the technology we have available, be used to help our industry and each other?

This is the question we need your help with! Whether it is doing webinars (using video to showcase a talk, workshop or presentation over the internet for multiple people to see and interact with), helping with online selling or even just writing articles about special offers or creative community actions we are made aware of - please share your ideas!
If you feel that you would just like to share what you are up to in your garden at the moment, please do share and use #candidezacommunity so that we can follow and reshare where we can!
We are also open to new ideas or themes for content that you would like to see or read about in this time.
Feel free to comment below or email us at [email protected]
There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. Margaret J. Wheatley
Stay safe and remember to please keep your distance!
Shani and the Candide ZA team
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