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Published on March 26th 2020
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As cliché as this might sound, we all find solace in others, our fellow humans, friends, family and community members. Seeing and reading about what they are sharing gives us a sense of belonging, a blanket of comfort, or perhaps a feeling of being part of something bigger.
In this time of uncertainty and possibly loneliness for many, we believe that there is no better time than now to start sharing, posting and connecting. We decided to make the most of the next 21 days at home, in your flat, at the coast or wherever you might find yourself by challenging you to share with us on a daily basis. As basic as that. Just share.
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Whether you find yourself dusting the leaves of your indoor plants, or sowing seeds of your favourite spring flowers or perhaps you decided to (finally) rake up those leaves (@kaylynvanas, this one's for you ;) ) or maybe you are just outdoors with your kids, trying to keep yourself sane and your kids happy, we would like to see.
There is just one thing you need to do. One small, and very easy step, in order for us to follow along and reshare with others.



Let's work together, as the caring community we already are by encouraging others to share, to spread the feeling of comfort and the thought that you are not alone.
May we focus on that which is positive and good and remind ourselves that we are in this together and that we are privileged in so many ways with sunshine, a garden, perhaps a balcony or just one terracotta pot.

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