Fabulously Fresh Herbs

Published on April 18th 2020
A person holding a plant in a garden
Herbs must be one of the most rewarding groups of plants one can grow in your garden.
A person holding a plant in a garden
They are easy, fuss-free, have beautiful foliage, they smell incredible, and they are a must in the kitchen. Have a look at this article, Feast on this!, where we share a bit more information about the different types of herbs you can use for cooking.
Keeping them fresh or having access to fresh herbs, is not always that easy. Read further for a few tips on how to have a constant supply of fresh herbs on hand.
A plant in a garden

Grow them

We are truly blessed with incredible weather in South Africa. Come winter or summer, we have ample sunshine which allows us to grow plants in- and outdoors with great success. Whether you are living in a flat with no garden or you are blessed with a lovely veggie patch - there is no reason for not having fresh herbs. Next time you visit a garden centre or grocery shop, buy one or two herbs to grow at home.
A plant in a garden
Rosemary, Sage and Pelargonium

Dry them

It can’t get easier than this! All you need is a warm environment, some string, a glass jar, and a bit of time. Simply hang your herbs in a warm environment for at least 12 hours until they are crisp. Store them in a glass jar and use them next time you make your favourite pasta dish!

Freeze them

There a two ways in which you can freeze herbs.
Liquidize them with olive oil
You need a liquidiser, sieve, ice cube tray, fresh herb, and some olive oil. Liquidise the fresh herbs with olive oil, push it through a sieve and freeze the oil in ice cube trays.
Freeze them whole with olive oil
Pick the leaves of your fresh herbs, add them to an ice-cube tray, cover them with oil and put them in your freezer.
Food on a wooden table
Fresh cut herbs sold at Somerset West Village Garden

Spot them

Open your eyes for what is right in front of you! Rosemary, bay trees, perennial basil and thyme are just a few of the regulars you might spot in your neighbours or friends' garden. Ask or trade some cake or eggs for a few fresh herb sprigs.
A green plant in a garden

Keep them fresh

Herbs don’t last long in the fridge but with a bit more effort you can prolong their stay. Create a nice and neat bunch, trim the stems and wrap them in damp kitchen paper.

Butter them

Herb butter is something we can easily buy in a grocery store, but have you ever considered making it yourself? It is truly something magical to have on hand when you are cooking and a true bonus for keeping a big harvest of herbs fresh. Chop your fresh herbs up with some fresh garlic and mix them into soft butter. Wrap this in greaseproof paper and keep in the fridge for when you need it next.

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