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Trees with beautiful flowers

Published on September 8th 2020
There is just something mesmerizing about a tree covered in the most beautiful flowers. Planting a tree with attractive, showy flowers is an easy, low maintenance way of adding colour and excitement to your garden. Many flowering trees remain in flower for several weeks at a time, and some also produce exquisite fruit that birds and mammals can enjoy. Next time you search for a new tree for your garden, why not buy one for the beautiful display it will provide in Spring?
A vase of flowers on a tree branch
Selecting the right flowering tree is quite important as it will be part of the landscape for a long time, so take your time and choose carefully.

Tips for selecting a flowering tree for your garden

  • One of the most important factors to consider is the tree's adaptability to the climate. Choose a tree that is best suited to your region. If you are located in the highveld, fynbos, bushveld - plant locally indigenous trees.
  • Consider the size of the tree at maturity. Flowering trees grow in various shapes and sizes, and choosing the correctly shaped tree will greatly reduce maintenance effort and complement your yard.
A close up of a flower
Schotia brachypetala | Huilboerboonboom
  • Keep in mind any barriers that might hinder your tree's growth like other trees, building foundations, utility cables etc.
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Croton gratissimus ( Image copyright Geoff Nichols)


Sweet thorn in flower in Jimmy Aves Park, Pretoria


Curtisia dentata


  • Consider the flower colours. Are you looking for a more subtle pink like the Pompon tree or a blazing red like the Coast coral tree?
  • Selecting the perfect planting site is also crucial to the tree's growth, health and performance. Generally, flowering trees enjoy full sun (8 hours) and fertile, well-draining soils.
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A few favourite flowering trees