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A picture of a Apple 'Cripps' Pink'

Apple 'Cripps' Pink'

Malus domestica 'Cripps' Pink'

Also known as

Pink Lady Apple, Appel (Afr.)

Full Sun
Advanced care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

Cripps' Pink apples flower in Spring and are harvested during Autumn. Pick when the fruit has good coloring and feels crisp. The pips inside must be black!

More images of Apple 'Cripps' Pink'

A photo of Apple 'Cripps' Pink'
A photo of Apple 'Cripps' Pink'

Apple 'Cripps' Pink' Overview

Cripps' Pink is a pink to light red apple bred in Australia. The market name 'Pink Lady' is well known for the better coloured apples from this tree! If less than 50% of the apple colored pink, it is sold as Cripp's Pink. For best results ask a local nursery for advice on optimal choices in terms of rootstock, varieties and cross pollinators.

Common problems with Apple 'Cripps' Pink'

Apples are attacked by fruit fly and false codling moth. Monitor for these to prevent losses. Diseases include Fusi - spray preventative fungicide during wet weather!

    How to propagate Apple 'Cripps' Pink'


    Cripp's Pink has royalties and you are not allowed to propagate!


    Apple seed need cold stratification. The seed will not be the same as the parent, but often revert back to wild small apples, therefor seedlings is used as rootstock and the cultivar grafted on it.

    Special features of Apple 'Cripps' Pink'

    Attracts useful insects

    Insects are needed for cross-pollination.

    Hedge plant

    Apple trees can be tree-trained or espaliered into interesting shapes including hedge screens.

    Crop rotation

    Do not replant an apple on the same spot, but use that area for vegetable gardening or other fruit crops.

    Autumn colour

    Other uses of Apple 'Cripps' Pink'



    High in fibre, Vitmins and minerals.


    A apple a day keeps the doctor away! Rich in anti-oxydants and fibre to help keep you healthy.