Rock Rose

Echeveria elegans

Mexican Gem, Mexican Snow Ball, White Mexican Rose

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This species is grown for the attractive rosettes of fleshy, succulent leaves that may be colourful, particularly when planted in full sunlight. This species has a clumping growth habit and the spoon-shaped, white-green leaves may be harvested and used to propagate new plants from. Flowers are lantern-shaped, pink with yellow tips and waxy textured. Many Echeveria species are grown in gardens and are collected by succulent collectors. The plants are drought tolerant, but do like regular deep watering and fertilising.
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Flowering time

Winter, Spring


Generally not harvested, but the cut flower industry have started using the whole plant in floristry, harvested at various stages.



Sow seed as soon as ripe.


Divide and plant offsets in spring.


Root stem or leaf cuttings in late spring. Can be propagated from leaves, simply remove cleanly from the mother plant, let callus for a few days until the wound has closed and place on soil or in water and wait for roots to develop. Roots usually grow first to seek out water, followed by new leaves. This may take anywhere from a week to a few months and there is no need to water propagating succulents as they will glean all the nutrition and moisture they require from their mother leaf, which will shrivel up over time. The original leaf may be gently removed once it has dried up and become crispy in texture, only remove if it comes away easily otherwise you risk damaging the baby plant.

Special features

Attracts useful insects

Attract bees

Drought resistant

Can survive without water for long periods, but will not thrive.

Special features


America, Central America to the Andres, Mexico, USA, Texas

Natural climate

Temperate and sub-tropical.



Full Sun

Soil moisture


Soil type

Loam, Sand, Gravel

Soil PH preference

Neutral, Alkaline, Acid

Frost hardiness




Echeveria elegans is cultivated as an ornamental plant for rock gardens planting, or as a potted plant.




Flower colour

Pink, Yellow




Susceptible to greenfly, vine weevil larvae, and mealybugs.

Related Problems

Companion plants

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