A picture of a Wine Cap Mushroom

Wine Cap Mushroom

Stropharia rugosoannulata

Also known as

King Stropharia, Garden Giant, Godzilla Mushroom, Burgundy Mushroom, Composter Mushroom, Stone Mushroom

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


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Wine Cap Mushroom Overview

Stropharia rugosoannulata is an edible mushroom species found naturally in garden beds, on lawns and forest edges. It is quite easy to cultivate and is grown commercially. It can enrich soil and suppress weeds. Unlike most other mushrooms, the King Stropharia is best grown in full sun or partial shade. It has wine red to reddish-brown caps, hence the common name Wine Cap Mushroom. Another colloquial name is the Godzilla Mushroom, this name refers to the size this species can reach, it may reach 20cm in height and 30cm in spread. It has pale gills, which develop to a grey shade and finally a dark brownish-purple colour. Once cut open, the mushroom should have white flesh and the stem a wrinkled ring around its circumference.

Common problems with Wine Cap Mushroom

Flies may lay their eggs in the caps of these mushrooms. Always check for little holes that might indicate fly maggots that are eating the mushrooms and discard any specimens that look suspicious.

    How to harvest Wine Cap Mushroom

    Pinch off or cut the mushrooms at the base of the stipe when the caps have opened completely and the underneath gills are completely visible.

    How to propagate Wine Cap Mushroom


    Dark purple-brown spores are spread by the wind. Mycelium growth is most likely to happen in beds of wood chips or mulch from where the caps will emerge.

    Special features of Wine Cap Mushroom

    Attractive fruits

    Edible mushroom fruiting body.

    Other uses of Wine Cap Mushroom


    Flavour similar to potatoes and red wine.