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A picture of a Woolly Resin Bush

Woolly Resin Bush

Euryops pectinatus

Also known as

Golden Euryops, Golden Daisy Bush, Wolharpuisbos (Afr.), Silver-leaf daisy, Golden shrub daisy

Photo by Matthew Fainman (CC BY 4.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

More images of Woolly Resin Bush

Euryops pectinatus
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops pectinatus

Woolly Resin Bush Overview

Euryops pectinatus is a colourful, easily grown shrub from the winter rainfall region of South Africa. This attractive and colourful medium-sized shrub grows up to 1.5 metres with bright-yellow daisy-like flowers and soft grey to green leaves. Flowering nearly all year round, peaking in springtime, it is an excellent garden plant, versatile, easy to grow and fairly low maintenance. Euryops pectinatus responds well to pruning in autumn or winter and resprouts​ vigorously. This colourful garden plant is also water-wise and therefore great choice for xeriscaping. This plant is an excellent garden subject and has been available in nurseries for many years. It is fast-growing and flowers freely provided it is planted in a full sun position. It is completely frosted hardy and as such is ideal for the Highveld garden. It makes an excellent shrub border or mixed perennial backdrop. Euryops pectinatus requires a moderate amount of water and must be watered during the winter months in summer rainfall regions. Cut off dead flower heads after flowering and prune the bush back lightly. The bushes respond well to pruning and may be cut back hard every few years. ZA Distribution: Northern Cape, Western Cape.

Common problems with Woolly Resin Bush

Euryops pectinatus generally does not suffer from pests or diseases.

    How to harvest Woolly Resin Bush

    Harvest seeds at the end of summer. Bag seedheads to capture ripening seed. Collect the pod when the flowers fade and allow it to dry out or allow the pods to dry on the plant and then break them open to collect seeds. Seeds don't store well, so sow them as soon as possible.

    How to propagate Woolly Resin Bush


    Root softwood cuttings in late spring and semi-hardwood cuttings during summer.


    Sow seeds in spring or autumn, 1.5 times deeper than the size of the seed. Germination takes 2-3 weeks.

    Special features of Woolly Resin Bush

    Drought resistant

    Attractive flowers

    The bright, daisy-like flowers are 5 cm wide and bloom nearly all year round with the main display in spring.

    Pot plant

    Attracts bees

    Hedge plant

    Other uses of Woolly Resin Bush

    Colourful garden plant that is water wise.

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