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A picture of a Lasiosiphon rigidus

Lasiosiphon rigidus

Lasiosiphon rigidus

Full Sun
Advanced care


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  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Lasiosiphon rigidus

Lasiosiphon rigidus, flowers in terminal heads surrounded by yellow-red papery bracts. (John Manning)
Lasiosiphon rigidus, papery bracts fall at maturity exposing the silvery hairs. (John Manning)
Lasiosiphon rigidus, a small-leaved rigid shrublet to 1 m. (John Manning)
Lasiosiphon rigidus, with long silvery to golden hairs on the flower tube. (John Manning)

Lasiosiphon rigidus Overview

A small-leaved shrublet with fragrant, bright chrome-yellow flowers surrounded by vivid yellow bracts, flushed with dark red. ZA Distribution: Western Cape.

Special features of Lasiosiphon rigidus

Drought resistant

Attractive flowers