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A picture of a Laburnum


Laburnum spp.

Laburnum anagyroides Medik. Cytise - Aubour JdP by Jebulon (CC0)

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A photo of Laburnum
Laburnum alpinum Prague 2014 1
Fruchthülsen und Blüten des Goldregen
Laburnum, Kew Gardens - - 176632
Laburnum alpinum JPG1Fe


A genus of between 2 and 4 species of small deciduous trees in the Fabaceae (Fabaceae) family, native to Southern Europe where they are found in montane habitats. They have trifoliate leaves typical of members of the legume family and pendulous sprays of bright yellow pea-like flowers from late Spring but all parts are poisonous. They are easy to grow as specimen trees or trained as wall shrubs and there are several hybrids available that are only partially fertile so do not produce too many seeds which are the most toxic part of the plant.

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