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A picture of a Adenia


Adenia spp.

Adenia glauca Succulents exhibition in Botanical Garden of Charles University 2016 by Karelj (CC BY-SA 4.0)



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A photo of Adenia
A photo of Adenia
A photo of Adenia
A photo of Adenia

Adenia Overview

Adenia is a genus with over 100 perennial species with climbing branches and tuberous bases that resemble the feet of elephants. Some species are spiny and most are dioecious and thus produce male and female flowers on individual plants. This genus contains a wide variety of plant types including herbs, succulents, vines, shrubs, trees, lianas and pachycauls, which are plants with disproportionately thick trunks for their height and not many branches. Foliage is alternately arranged and flowers are generally white, green or yellow, leading onto red capsule fruits when fertilised.

Special features of Adenia

Attractive leaves