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A picture of a Daisy Bush

Daisy Bush

Euryops spp.

Full Sun
Moderate watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size





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A photo of Daisy Bush
A photo of Daisy Bush
A photo of Daisy Bush

Daisy Bush Overview

Contains approximately 97 evergreen shrubs and subshrubs which produce daisy-like, yellow flowers and nice fern-like foliage. This genus is native to Southern Africa and would be well suited to planting in a rock garden, or a raised bed in warm temperate climates. In colder regions, growing in a greenhouse is advised.

How to propagate Daisy Bush


You can propagate by softwood cuttings in the summer.

Other uses of Daisy Bush

Grown for their attractive leaves and showy, daisy like flower heads.

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