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A picture of a Moss


Fontinalis spp.

Fontinalis antipyretica2 by [1] (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Full Sun
Frequent watering
Frost Hardy


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Minimum temperature

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Fontinalis antipyretica0
A photo of Moss

Moss Overview

Aquatic genus containing around 47 hardy evergreen, perennial moss species also known collectively as fountain moss, brook moss or water moss. Distribution ranges across the Northern Hemisphere, including both still and flowing water environments. Grown for their feathery greenery, these species tend to grow under the water surface and can provide good cover and breeding habitat for organisms such as fish and frogs. Growth is optimal in running water and when grown in still water, plants will likely not reach full size.

How to propagate Moss


Division in spring.

Other uses of Moss

Grown for their foliage, which provides dense cover for fish and a good site for the deposit of spawn.