A picture of a Tree of heaven

Tree of heaven

Ailanthus spp.

Also known as

Chinese sumach, Ailanto, Indian tree of heaven, Paradise tree

Partial Shade
Frost Hardy


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Minimum temperature

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A photo of Tree of heaven
Ailanthus altissima1
Heaventree seeds
A photo of Tree of heaven
A photo of Tree of heaven

Tree of heaven Overview

Ailanthus contains less than 10 species of deciduous tree typically grown for their foliage and colourful winged fruits. They flower and fruit most prolifically in hot summer weather and individual plants produce female or male flowers, the latter of which has an unpleasant odour. So female plants are recommended for specimen trees, but both are needed to produce the fruits. This genus is resilient to urban pollution so is a good choice for urban areas.

How to propagate Tree of heaven


You can propagate by seed in the autumn.


By suckers or root cuttings in the winter.


Other uses of Tree of heaven

Grown for their foliage and 3-5 winged fruits. They are extremely tolerant of urban pollution. The silk spinning moth Samia cynthia lives on the leaves and can be harvested to make silk which is more durable than mullberry silk but which has less of a sheen and the strands are thicker.