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A picture of a Daubenya


Daubenya spp.

Daubenya zeyheri00 by Jean Stephenson00 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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A photo of Daubenya
A photo of Daubenya

Daubenya Overview

Daubenya is a small genus with around 8 species of bulbous, perennial herbaceous plants with dwarfed growing habits. These interesting plants produce only 2 leaves which lie flat on the ground surface, they are leathery and slightly glossy in appearance, with parallel, sunken veins across their surface. Produces showy, often scented, compact flowerheads close to the ground. These are borne between the two leaves and have 10 or more flowers coloured brilliant, red, pink, orange, yellow and may have streaked patterning in red or orange flushing at the flower tips.

Special features of Daubenya

Attractive flowers