A picture of a Horseweed


Conyza spp.

Also known as

Butterweed, Fleabane

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  • spring
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A photo of Horseweed
A photo of Horseweed
A photo of Horseweed

Horseweed Overview

Large genus with around 154 annual or perennial herbaceous plants, with some shrub species. Typically growing between 1-2m high, with an erect, branching growth habit. They produce toothed and hairy, lance to thinly wedge-shaped leaves, arranged alternately or in a basal rosette. Also known as horseweed, butterweed or fleabane, this genus is adapted to tropical and warm temperate climates, with some species found in cool temperate areas of North America and Eastern Asia. They produce daisy-like flowers with yellow or white centres and lots of linear white or pink petals.