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A picture of a Acampe


Acampe spp.

Marabale (Kannada- ಮರಬಾಳೆ) (7260446906) by Dinesh Valke (CC BY-SA 2.0)


    This plant has a mild fragrance

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    A photo of Acampe
    A photo of Acampe

    Acampe Overview

    Acampe is a small genus with around 7 single-stemmed, epiphytic orchid species that produce distinctive, inflexible, patterned, waxy, scented yellow flowers striped or spotted with red-orange patterning on the inner surface. This genus is abbreviated to Acp in the horticultural trade and contains generally slow-growing species with thick, leathery foliage.

    Special features of Acampe

    Attractive flowers