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A picture of a Twisted-Leaved Air Plant

Twisted-Leaved Air Plant

Tillandsia streptophylla

Tillandsia streptophylla Glasgow by Keith Edkins (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Partial Shade
Moderate watering


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Tillandsia streptophylla (6140977688)
A photo of Twisted-Leaved Air Plant

Twisted-Leaved Air Plant Overview

Tillandsia streptophylla is commonly known as Twisted-Leaved Air Plant. It is an epiphytic species from the Asparagaceae family, it is thus able to grow without the need for soil substrate. It produces fairly broad, grey-green, sword-shaped leaves which twist attractively. The innermost leaves turn from green to pale green and pink when the plant is near flowering. Small, tubular, purple flowers with 3 petals are produced on a central inflorescence which strongly contrasts against the foliage. The Twisted-Leaved Air Plant is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, anywhere with ample humidity is great for Air Plants. This species originates from Mexico to Central America and parts of the Caribbean.

How to propagate Twisted-Leaved Air Plant


Special features of Twisted-Leaved Air Plant

Attractive leaves

Attractive flowers

Indoor plant