A picture of a Squill


Drimia maritima

Drimia maritima 2 by Zeynel Cebeci (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Full Sun
Light watering


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Some Drimia maritima growing in the wild
A close up of some white Drimia maritima flowers
The caudiciform base of a Drimia maritima plant

Squill Overview

Drimia maritima is a bulbous species in the Asparagaceae family. It has a clumping habit and the bulbs typically measure up to 20cm in width and 1kg in weight. This plant produces foliage arranged in a basal rosette from the bulb. Each bulb produces around 10 leaves, which measure up to a metre in length. Leaves are dark green in colour and have a leathery texture, usually dying back by the autumn. Flowers are produced on a triangular raceme structure. This is a form of unbranched inflorescence where flowers are attached by equal stalks and the oldest flowers are formed at the base and new blooms from the tip as the plant grows. The flowers are borne on stems 1.5-2m tall and they measure approximately 1.5cm across. The flowers are predominantly white, leading onto 1.2cm long, dry, capsule fruits.

Special features of Squill

Attractive flowers