A picture of a Violet Coral Fungus

Violet Coral Fungus

Clavaria zollingeri

Also known as

Violet Coral, Magenta Coral Fungus, Magenta Coral

Clavaria zollingeri 57243 by here (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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A photo of Violet Coral Fungus

Violet Coral Fungus Overview

The finger-like fruiting bodies of this mushroom species look very similar to an underwater coral, so they're collectively called the coral fungi (Clavariaceae). Clavaria zollingeri can grow as single stalks, or in groups, where numerous coral-like projections grow from a thick stem. Likewise, its striking violet colour makes it highly recognisable, hence the common name Violet Coral Fungus. It's feeding technique consists of breaking down organic matter into the derived nutrients. For this reason, it can be found growing in grassy spots near hardwood trees, close to leaf litter and mosses. So far, it's been recorded in Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America and some parts of Asia. Although this fungus seems to be globally widespread, it's now considered a rare find.