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A picture of a Caper Shrub

Caper Shrub

Capparis spp.

Also known as

Caperbush, Caper

C. spinosa-1 by Philmarin (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate watering

Expected size





More images of Caper Shrub

A photo of Caper Shrub
A photo of Caper Shrub
A photo of Caper Shrub
A photo of Caper Shrub
A photo of Caper Shrub

Caper Shrub Overview

Genus with roughly 181 spined, shrub or woody vine species also known as caper shrubs or caperbushes. They are distributed across a wide range of habitats in tropical and subtropical climates areas worldwide, originating from the Mediterranean. Foliage is alternately arranged, simple, rounded, oval to egg-shaped but these species are favoured mainly for their distinctive, showy flowers. These are cup-shaped, with 4 spreading white petals and many long, vivid purple stamens which fan towards the sky. The flowers are considered quite short lived, but flowering will occur over a period of a few months and in some species they are edible. The flower buds are known as capers and these are frequently used as a seasoning in cooking. Flowers lead onto edible caper berry fruits, these are often pickled.