A picture of a Yellow Daisy Tea

Yellow Daisy Tea

Leysera gnaphalodes

Also known as

Dune Tea Bush, Geelblommetjietee, Duinetee, Hongertee, Teebos, Skilpadtee, Teringtee

Full Sun
Moderate care


USDA zone


Minimum temperature


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

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H. Brisse
H. Brisse
Feathery white pappus of L. gnaphalodes
Distribution map of Leysera gnaphalodes
Leysera gnaphalodes shrublet

Yellow Daisy Tea Overview

Leysera gnaphalodes is a perennial aromatic shrublet with radiant yellow flowers that occurs in the winter rainfall parts of South Africa and Namibia. The plant's aromatic flavours give a pleasant infusion that makes an appetizing tea. ZA Distribution: Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape.

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