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A picture of a Nerium


Nerium spp.

Nerium oleander flowers leaves by Alvesgaspar (CC BY 2.5)

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A photo of Nerium
Nerium oleander September 2007-1
Nerium oleander Maria Gambetta
Nerium pink
Nerium oleander 'Petite Salmon' (397436347)


Nerium is a monotypic genus of evergreen shrub in the Apocynaceae (dogbane) family with an uncertain geographical origin due to its long history of cultivation and introductions worldwide. Commonly known as oleander from its resemblance to the unrelated olive tree, it has narrow, lanceolate leaves and clusters of showy, funnel-shaped flowers in many bright colours followed by long bean-shaped pods. It is often grown as a street tree in Mediterranean and subtropical climates and in a sheltered position or under glass in cooler climates.