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A picture of a Gazania


Gazania spp.

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A photo of Gazania
A photo of Gazania
A photo of Gazania
A photo of Gazania
A photo of Gazania


Genus contains around 19 evergreen annual and perennial species, which are often grown as annuals. Originating from tropical climates in Africa. This genus suits container growing and may be used for summer bedding, particularly in dry areas as they have evolved good drought resistance. Normally grown for their large, daisy-like flowers, these tend to be long-lasting, close in response to poor light or cold temperatures and brilliantly coloured, sometimes with patterned petals. Common colours include yellow, orange, white, pink and red. This genus has been extensively developed by botanists and many hybrids and cultivars with a huge range of flower colours are available, with multi-coloured forms some of the most popular in gardening.



A photo of Achillea


Achillea spp.

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