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A picture of a Livingstone Daisy

Livingstone Daisy

Dorotheanthus spp.

Dorotheanthus apetalus03 by Amrum (CC BY-SA 2.5)

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Dorotheanthus bellidiformis subsp. bellidiformis
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis-P9200029
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis-P9200031
Dorotheanthus apetalus02
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Mezoo Trailing Red


Genus containing roughly 8 annual, herbaceous, succulents, typically fairly branched. These originate from South Africa and possess linear to spoon-shaped fleshy foliage which is adapted to store water. They are favoured for their abundant daisy-like flowers, which open in response to sunlight. These are borne in summer on long stalks and in a wide range of colours including white, pink, red, orange and yellow. Species in this genus are sometimes called livingstone daisies. Commonly grown as a bedding plant, this genus is well placed in parks and gardens, forming an effective groundcover.


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A photo of Achillea


Achillea spp.

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