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A picture of a Small Rush

Small Rush

Eleocharis parvula

Also known as

Dwarf Hairgrass

2015.08.22 11.09.12 IMG 0257 - Flickr - andrey zharkikh by Andrey Zharkikh (CC BY 2.0)

Frequent watering


More images of Small Rush

Some Eleocharis parvula growing in some water
A close up of some Eleocharis parvula in the wild
Some green Eleocharis parvula growing in some water

Small Rush Overview

Eleocharis parvula is an aquatic perennial in the Cyperaceae family. It has a low-growing habit and with time will form a solid mass of foliage. Leaves are hair-like, thin and straight, hence the common name Dwarf Hairgrass. This species is well-suited to aquascaping.

Special features of Small Rush

Attractive leaves

Wet sites