A picture of a Mangrove


Bruguiera spp.

Bruguiera sexangula by Psumuseum (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Bruguiera gymnorrhiza
Bruguiera gymnorrhiza 3 (8349980202)
Brugu gymno 110319-0166 sagt

Mangrove Overview

Bruguiera is a small genus with roughly 6 evergreen species of shrub or tree species from the Rhizophoraceae family, known commonly as Mangroves. These plants are characterised by their explosive pollen release and viviparous reproduction. This is where seeds begin to develop before detachment from the parent plant. Foliage is oppositely arranged and oblong to elliptic in shape, leathery in texture and the lower surface is frequently covered in black dots. They produce showy, interesting flowers with between 8-15 concave, oblong petals which are deeply cleft into two parts, these are extended into bristle-like structures called awns and petals are covered in hairs on the edges at the base. Overall these flowers are spider-like, with double the number of stamens compared to the petals and they are bicoloured with shades of white, red, purple, orange and yellow. Developing into leathery, wrinkled berry fruits which contain just 1 seed.