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A picture of a Orchid


Platanthera spp.

Also known as

Butterfly orchid

Platanthera chlorantha pre-a-pion-longpre-les-corps-saints 80 03062008 3 by Olivier Pichard (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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A photo of Orchid
A photo of Orchid
A photo of Orchid
A photo of Orchid

Orchid Overview

This genus has around 152 terrestrial, perennial orchid species with thin, fleshy roots that were once placed in the genus Orchis. Also known as butterfly orchid or fringed orchid, this genus is found across temperate areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Foliage is glossy, slightly fleshy and varies with position on the plant, starting oval-shaped at the base and becoming more lance-shaped higher up. Ornate, colourful flowers are produced on a terminal spike, these are usually orange, pink, white or yellow.